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Sauce & Canning Tomatoes


70-75 days. Arguably among the richest, most flavorful saucing tomatoes. The union of San Marzano and Cream Sausage produces early and continuous harvests of elongated, meaty, flavorful fruit. Loads of brilliant red, 2–3 ounce tomatoes ripen early on these indeterminate plants.

Homestead Tomato

This heirloom is well worth the garden space. Yields bountiful amounts of bright red, nicely rounded fruit that grow to 1lb. each. Sweet with a very slight acidic taste. The ideal variety for homemade spaghetti sauce and ketchup. High in Vitamin C, lycopene, antioxidants and beneficial micronutrients.

Little Napoli

Our hands-down choice for a Roma-style tomato that’s comfortable growing in a container. The exceptionally compact, determinate plants produce heavy flushes of fruit, perfect for cooking up into rich sauce, soup or ketchup. The bright crimson, oval tomatoes are meaty and dense with a rich, tangy flavor. These dual-use tomatoes are also ideal in salads. Overall plant size is 12–24 inches tall, stretching 24–36 inches wide.

Marzano Fire Paste Tomato

Marzano Fire is a red paste tomato, with yellow stripes. It is an exceptional for roasting, saucing and drying. Vigorous, productive, semi-determinate plant. Marzano Fire is best trellised, although trellising need only bee about 4 feet high.

Marzano Fire shows some resistance to fungal pathogens, and is a sturdy, productive variety. It is excellent for canning and sauce-making, with few seeds and thick flesh that cooks down into a very flavorful sauce.

Prairie Fire Tomato

Insanely sweet fruit with a brix reading of 10.0. Extremely kid friendly, this may be the sweetest tomato we have ever tried! Compact, semi-determinate vines produce fruit that are 1 inch across and 3 inches long. The scarlet, elongated fruit shimmers on the vine with its gold-flecked skin. A great variety from the Cream of the Crop breeding program at A. P. Whaley Seed Company. This delectable saccharine treat is reported by Aaron Whaley to be the most snackable tomato and it rarely makes it back to the kitchen before it is eaten!

Striped Roma Tomato

The striped roma tomato is a unique heirloom variety with a colorful flare. Red roma tomatoes with bright yellow lateral streaks makes for an impressive yet versatile tomato. Fruits weigh 3-4 ounces each and have minimal seeds. There are the same uses for these as a traditional roma, only when raw it is more appealing and interesting to the eye. Plants will grow 3-5 feet tall and produce all summer long.

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