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Cherry Sized Tomatoes

Apricot Zebra Tomato

65 days Stunning, richly tangerine-colored cherries are very unique in appearance, as the lime-green shoulders and extra-fine green striping of the unripe fruit morphs to brilliant yellow at maturity. Firm-fleshed, slightly oblong golf-ball-sized fruit are perfect for salads or snacking. Vigorous, disease-resistant plants are wildly productive. Luscious!

Brand's Atomic Grape Tomato

Brad's Atomic creation won best of show in the 2017 National Heirloom Expo.
This tomato is not just another pretty face but a really richly flavored one, with surprising production.
Very good keeper on the vine and also after picking.
The interior stays green with a rose mottling of color.
Excellent complex flavor and beauty that stands out for gardeners and specialty growers with farmers market eye appeal.

Champagne Bubbles Cherry Tomato

This champagne colored mini cherry tomato is one of the sweetest on the market! Its abundant yields and vigorous growing habits will require trellising. Disease resistant and heat tolerant.

Indigo Cherry Drops

65 days. Perfectly packaged for healthy snacking, these single-bite cherry tomatoes are mouthwateringly delicious and loaded with the high antioxidant levels that are making the Indigo™ tomatoes famous. At 1–1 ¼ inches across, Indigo™ Cherry Drops are deep, rosy-red with a black-purple cast that is bursting with sweet flavor. The strong, indeterminate plants are non-stop, heavy producers of these tempting morsels and offer good leaf cover to protect from sun scald

Lucky Bee

A new high performance hybrid cherry tomato. Fruits are green inside and a light burnt orange, with dark green stripes at the surface when ripe. It has a big, bold and sweet flavor and long shelf-life. The plants are vigorous indeterminate vines that show good field resistance to pathogens.

Orange Caprese Tomato

Orange Caprese is an orange "plum" tomato. It is excellent used sliced in caprese salads, with a sweet rich flavor. Orange Caprese fruits have green shoulders that fade to orange during ripening. It is a vining, indeterminate variety with wispy leaves. It produces heavily, approximately 75 days after transplant.

While Orange Caprese plants are vigorous, they are susceptible to Early Blight and Septoria Leafspot in humid environments. Watering at the base and pruning leaves for airflow will help get large crop yields and alleviate blight chances

Orange Currant Tomato

Miniature (1⁄4 – 1⁄2″) current sized tomatoes bare a beautiful clementine color. Thick skin makes this a crack resistant variety that pops with flavor! Flavor is excellent, fruity and sweet. Quality will hold for a long time both on and off the plant. Extremely productive, tall vines will produce all season long.

Sun Gold Tomato

65 days. Sungold’s fruity or tropical flavor is a big hit with everyone who tastes it. The bright apricot-orange round globes are 1 ¼ inches across and are borne on long, 10–15 fruit, grape-like trusses. The vigorous indeterminate vines produce equally well in the field and the early spring greenhouse. Plan on setting up your lawn chair between Sungold for blissful snacking

Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato

It is a yellow cherry tomato with pink marbling and yellow stripes. Sunrise Bumblebe's flavor is bright, sweet and tropical. It is an indeterminate vine and grows well in containers and in the ground.

Sunrise Bumblebee is a good producing vine that needs to be staked up for maximum production. Fruit should be picked when the tomatoes are yellow. Early in the season they typically do not show much marbling when ripe, but as the season progresses, peak ripeness better correlates with marbling. Flavors change with different stages of ripening, and growers are encouraged to try all ripeness stages, starting with those where there are still green streaks on the shoulders of the fruit.

Tropical Sunset Tomato

A bright bi-colored variety with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Golden with orangy pink stripes. A cherry sized heirloom. Fruit will stay in the ripe stage for a long time, providing a good shelf life.

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