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Micro & Dwarf Container Tomato

Aztec Gold Micro Dwarf Tomato

With origins in Czechoslovakia, this micro produces wonderful round cherry sized, bright orange tomatoes. Will a bright and sweet flavor that will keep you walking by the plant for a snack.

Inkspot Micro Dwarf Tomato

A succulent black/purple cherry tomato variety that reaches 10 to 15 inches in height. Like many dark tomatoes, Inkspot has a very rich flavor

Jochalos Micro Dwarf

These are quite good when they are light yellow but downright fabulous once they turn deeper goldish.
Think these may be the best of the yellow orange micros. They all have distinct flavors, and these lil' buggers are as good as any.

Orange Hat Micro Dwarf Tomato

The fruits are quarter size and ripen from green to yellow to orange. They are thin skinned and have excellent zesty sweet flavor. I was impressed with both the taste and production-- Cracks me up how such a piddly lil plant can create so many tasty orange gumballs.

Pinocchio Micro Dwarf

Pinocchio micro dwarf is a great tomato for jams and jellies, providing that you could keep yourself from eating them off of the plant. They are sweet, juicy, soft and fruity with thin skin. Plants mature at about 7 inches and send out a few very useful suckers that are anxious to also produce fruits. Ours do excellently in 3/4 gallon containers. about 70 days to ripen after transplant!

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