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Rainbow Jazz Heart

Rainbow Jazz Heart

Rainbow Jazz Heart is a beefsteak/heart. It is a yellow bicolor, with pink marbling and yellow stripes. Rainbow Jazz Heart flavor is sweet and bright. The fruits are also durable, compared to most gourmet beefsteak fruits, and they have above average shelf life. Rainbow Jazz Heart is a vining, indeterminate variety, that produces heavily (75 days after transplant).

Rainbow Jazz Heart has a relatively long ripening window. It can be eaten when the surface is yellow with green stripes. At this stage it has a tangy-citrusy flavor, similar to Green Zebra. As fruits continue to ripen they become yellow with pink interior marbling, and they develop sweet, fruity tropical flavors.

Rainbow Jazz Heart is an OP (true-breeding) variety. It is our best OP beefsteak variety for growers, because of it's combination of flavor, heavy production, general vigor, and good shelf life. It also produces fruits with a very high percentage of "perfect" blossom ends -- in other words, it has a very small percentage of miss-shapen fruits.

Maturity 70-80 days from transplant
Full Sun
7 gal Container Friendly
Cage Recommended
Seed and Photo Source Artisan Seeds CA

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